Landscapes of the Body is a portfolio of photographic work created by award winning legally blind photographer Ted Tahquechi. This fine art collection showcases the form, curve, and texture of the human body in the Bodyscape style of portraiture. Typically faceless, a Bodyscape is a style of artistic close-up photography where images of the human form convey the impression of landscapes. Work in this style can range from abstract images, to flowing and sensual.

Viewers of this collection will experience imagery ranging from softly lit,  easily recognizable forms, to those more indefinite, thought-provoking and abstract. Throughout its black and white images, the collection explores both male and female models ages 19 to 76, with a multitude of ethnicities and body sizes ranging from petite to plus-size. While the imagery is of the nude form, it is not explicit, making this collection suitable for all viewers.

This fine art collection is currently booking exhibition dates. Prints are presented on fine art velvet paper that accentuates the contrast between the highlights and deep blacks of the images. If you would like to feature this body of work, in your establishment, details can be found on the contact page here on our website.