If you are interested in discussing participation in the Landscapes of the Body project, feel free to contact me at nedskee@tahquechi.com We are located near Denver Colorado and would love to hear from you. This body of work features models of all body shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicity. Previous modeling experience is not necessary, as we have as many professional models as amateur.  Models must be over the age of 18 with valid ID, and participants are required to sign a standard model release.  

Participation Frequently Asked Questions

Is previous modeling experience required to participate?

Absolutely not, we have as many professional models as amateur featured in the collection.

I am XX years old, weigh XXX, have XX tattoos, have scars, etc. Can I still participate in your project?

Landscapes of the Body is a body-positive collection. We have male and female models ranging from ultra-thin to plus sized. Some of our models have tattoos, some don’t. Ages range from 19 to 76 with a wide variety of ethnicity represented.

What are the images used for?

This project was created as a way to share with others the way Ted sees the world around him. With his limited vision, he sees primarily in light, form and shape. At present, the collection of images is being shown at Galleries in the Denver area, with dates scheduled in 2018 in other areas  to share Ted’s body-positive vision of the human form. Please check the upcoming shows section for current details on upcoming exhibitions.

Will my face be shown in the images?

No, Landscapes of the Body is an abstract study of the human form. Facial features are intentionally not shown in the images.

Will my identity be published or on display during showings of the collection?

This is up to you. Generally we keep all participant information confidential, however, if you would like to use inclusion in this project as a modeling reference we would be happy to accommodate that.

I love the project, how can I get hold of you to discuss a showing date at my establishment?

Contact Ted at nedskee@tahquechi.com

Do you work with charities?

We love to work with charities, especially those charities that promote body-positive image representation or low vision/blindness support. If you would like to discuss a showing of this collection for your charitable event, please let us know. Check out our philanthropy page for full details on the charities we are working with and have worked with in the past.