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After a car accident robbed renowned videogame producer and Bay Area native Ted Tahquechi of nearly all his sight, he turned to photography in order to share the way he sees the human body with others and raise money for charity. Ted’s unique view of the human body, showcased in a project titled Landscapes of the Body, will be exhibited at the Lighthouse for the Blind gallery at 1155 Market St. in San Francisco Ca. with an opening celebration January 30th, 2020 from 5-7 pm. This project will be on display through June 2020, and Ted and his guide dog Fauna will join Lighthouse for the Blind gallery staff for the opening January 30th. We would like to extend an invitation to come see this fascinating view of the human form.

Landscapes of the Body is a collection of images which grew out of Ted’s years spent studying light, specifically the way it wraps and shapes the curves of the body.  Creating a set of photographs which does not feature the model’s face originally resolved a visual limitation for Ted, and after the first shoot, he fell in love with the abstract, flowing feel of the pictures. All images in the collection embrace the use of negative space and are representative of the remaining portion of Ted’s vision. “I want people viewing this set of photographs to share how I perceive the world. A significant portion of my visual field is black. I compose the photos based on what I can see and leave the rest as negative space, this is how I see through the camera.” says Ted.

Viewers of this collection will experience imagery ranging from softly lit and easily recognizable forms to those more indefinite, thought-provoking, and abstract. Throughout its black and white images, the collection explores models ages 19 to 76, with a multitude of ethnicities and body sizes ranging from petite to plus-size. While the imagery is of the nude form, it is not explicit, making this collection suitable for all viewers.

“These images celebrate diversity in age, body size and physical ability, and illustrate that the beauty of the human form is present in every body and not dependent on the idealized media-driven definition of beauty. I am excited and honored for the opportunity to share my imagery with the visitors of the Lighthouse for the Blind gallery and look forward to meeting everyone at the opening.”

Landscapes of the Body made its debut in 2017 in Denver Colorado, and since then has been featured in numerous photography publications and news media. This will be the first time the work has been exhibited in California.

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Ted Tahquechi holds degrees in Fine Art Photography and Studio art Photography, and has set out to create work which changes the perception of what the visually impaired can accomplish in terms of art. Ted doesn’t sell his work, rather he donates prints to raise money for selected charitable organizations like Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael Ca. Ted worked for many years in the videogames industry creating and delivering 35 titles to market  for Atari Corp. in Sunnyvale Ca, Accolade in San Jose Ca. and Mattel Toys in El Segundo Ca. Ted also has a body of photographic work which focuses on his Guide Dog Fauna which was created in cooperation with several industry-leaders to promote the use of legitimate service animals in the travel and hospitality industries. Ted is also an avid photo educator. photography influencer and travel blogger for the visually impaired – you can find more information and links to his other work at