Exhibiting the collection

How can I get hold of you to discuss a showing date in my establishment?

Contact Ted at nedskee@tahquechi.com

How are the images presented?

The images are presented in black and white framed 16X20 format. We typically display between 12 and 15 images, and we are happy to work with your available space. Printed QR codes are supplied, which when scanned with a smartphone provide full audio descriptions for each image, the descriptions are created by the artist. Tactile prints are also included for selected images, giving viewers of this collection a multi-sensorial experience. 

Where do you exhibit your images?

Landscapes of the Body has been shown in galleries, museums, and art collectives around the U.S and abroad. 

Do you have any celebrities in the collection?

Absolutely, take a look at the bodies and see if you recognize anyone.  

Are you still creating for the project?

Almost 100 models have participated in the Landscapes of the Body project, allowing us the luxury of adding new content to keep our exhibitions fresh. The current focus is on procuring funding for creating 3d printed models to accompany each print. 

Processing and Gear

What gear did you use to create this project?

Canon cameras and lenses: Camera bodies: 5DmkIII and 5DmkIV. Lenses 24-105 L IS and 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II

Profoto strobes: Profoto D2, Profoto B10 and B10 plus

Light modifiers: Profoto

Monitor Calibration: Datacolor Spyder

Tether Gear: Tether Tools

Backdrops: Westcott Wrinkle Resistant Backdrop – Black

Software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

Editors: NIK Collection Silver EFX Pro 2

Charity work

Do you work with charities?

We love to work with charities, especially those that promote body-positive image representation or low vision/blindness support. If you would like to discuss a showing of this collection for your charitable event, please let us know. Check out our philanthropy page for details on the charities we are currently working with. We work with charities of all sizes.