We live in strange times, a cable news station can show someone getting the life strangled out of them on live television and the public is not phased one bit, but show a female nipple and everyone goes bonkers.  The content here on Landscapes of the Body is inherently safe for work. The images are of the naked human body, but I compose the shots in such a way as to not include the usual landmarks you would expect to see (like nipples) this is intentional. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this work regardless of age. These images have been featured on national news and in numerous magazines, yet some fear the nude human form so much that I would be threatened with removal from search engines if I published content which related to nude photography. I originally had a series called getting into nude photography on my “regular” photography blog. The series was created to help those considering shooting the nude human form, and allowed me to share not only my experiences, but the mistakes I made along the way. Since this body of work celebrates the nude human form it made sense to move the content here. 

In the coming weeks, I will not only be posting the articles moved from my other blog here, but I will be creating new content centered around photographing the nude human form. I hope you will join me on this journey. 

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